$RCADE is an ARC-20 token with a 500,000,000 cap and Arcade Galaxy’s governance token.
Acquired channels
  • Planet owners would receive $RCADE from AG treasury based on DAO’s voting and ticket collected as a reward for helping us build the community.
  • $RCADE could also be purchased from the secondary market.
  • $RCADE could be staked in different pools for different kinds of rewards, including $RCADE, $LFG, tickets, legendary in-game NFTs, greatly improve one's chance on upgrading NFTs, etc., a longer staking period means better rewards.
  • Tournaments require $RCADE to participate, the pool would be split between Planet owner (7%), level designer (if applicable, percentage varies), winners (split 90%), and AG (3%).
  • $RCADE holders would be able to vote on Planet owners’ reward allocation and AG’s general direction.
  • $RCADE received by planet owners would have a 30 days linear vesting period.
All details are subjetc to change