In Arcade Galaxy, we want to reward those helping us shape the community - those players elevating our game to new heights through self-expression and designing playable content that is both unique and engaging. However, we also do not want to restrict normal players from earning through play. Looking back at online gaming’s history, play-to-earn by way of selling in-game items has been around ever since Ultima Online. When issuing utility tokens for Arcade Galaxy, we adopted proven models from the most successful web2 games by designing an economy that incentivizes players to earn by selling rare or high-leveled in-game items (NFTs) on the secondary market, instead of selling the token directly. At the outset, we really want to focus on rewarding the creator base that supports Arcade Galaxy with imaginative contributions to our platform. With the power of blockchain, creators can now enjoy profit sharing made possible by DeFi and to have the ability to vote and have a say on the game’s operation. With this model, we can democratize content delivery without sacrificing the fun factor of Arcade Galaxy.
Please bare in mind that tokenomic is an ever evolving thing, we will be making adjustment along the development.