Equipment enhances a Cubs’ capabilities and appearance, it is meant to have an important impact on the game.
All equipment NFT will have abrasion, players are able to stake $RCADE and/or $LFG to maintain Cubs capabilities.
Most of the equipment would be upgradable through spending $LFG, the chance of advancing into the next tier would be written into the smart contract. The player could choose to increase the chance by staking $RCADE and/or $LFG.

Booster Items

Booster items are one-time, in-game items such as rockets, road nails, etc.

Cosmetic Items

Cosmetic items would only affect the Cubs' look but have no impact on the game itself.

Creator's Tool Items

All basic “Creator’s Tool” items (or “props”) are freely available for all creators. We will also launch several premium items, such as branded obstacles, special landscapes, and so on, for creators to purchase.
Map Items Map items would be available for Planet owners to purchase to create more compelling and advanced levels.