There are two modes that users can use to compete, Free and Tournament.

Free Mode

Create A Game

Players can create a game on any available planet. These games can be:
i) Public: Anyone can discover and join the game
ii) Private: Invite-only basis (for friends).
Some games will allow players to play in solo mode, depending on the settings as defined by the planet owner.

Join A Game

Players who wish to join a game can choose from the published list of public games, or join a private game via invitation.


Unlike Free mode, games in Tournament mode require players to pay an entry fee in $RCADE in order to participate. The winners of the tournament are entitled to a share of the prize pool (i.e. the combined entry fees of all the players).

Official Tournament

Every quarter, there will be an official tournament held by Arcade Galaxy. These quarterly tournaments aim to provide the ultimate challenge for players to prove their skills and win big. The prize pool will consist not only of the player entry fees but also additional prize money provided by Arcade Galaxy.

Create / Join A Tournament

Players can start their own tournaments on suitable planets, or participate in any open tournament by paying an entry fee.

Tournament Tiers

Tournaments are divided into ‘tiers’ with different prize pool limits. To qualify for a given tier, a player’s Cub attributes must be at a certain level. This ensures that players with similar skill and experience levels compete with each other, and have a fair chance of winning. It also rewards “veterans” (who have spent/earned more $RCADE over time) a chance to compete for larger prize amounts.

Leaderboard Challenges

Just as in a traditional arcade, users can earn a place on the leaderboard for a given game by putting their skills against other players and emerging victorious.
Earning a place on any leaderboard automatically entitles a player to a share of the profits earned from the game. We designed this mechanism in order to reward players who excel in a specific game, and also to encourage other players to challenge them for a chance to earn glory and riches.