Starting Point

The potential of crypto-gaming is huge, with vital Web3 enablers such as digital coins (currency), NFTs (property), and DAOs (governments) now entering day-to-day vocabulary, as the mainstream press starts to take notice.
That said, the world of Web3 is still dominated by subject matter experts and impenetrable in-talk. Currently, most crypto-based games are designed with crypto-natives in mind. Our aim is for Arcade Galaxy to be an ultra-inclusive environment that welcomes not only those who are new to crypto, but even those who are only casual gamers.
To appeal to a broader audience, intuitive gameplay is a must. The classic “platformer” and “racing game” formats are familiar to almost everyone and not difficult to understand.
It was also important to us to create an environment that is visually appealing. This is why our team has focused heavily on game aesthetics, and why the game allows users to create and design their own brands within the game, and even make their own levels.
We believe that Arcade Galaxy may well be a gateway for many into the world of crypto. But our primary aim is to create a place where people can enjoy themselves. Come for the token, stay for the game.