User Profiles

4 Types of user profiles
Users can operate using one or more user profiles:
  • Master User: Lease any NFT asset to other players for use in games.
  • Planet Owner: Own and lease planets to other players.
  • Game Builder: Build and publish custom games and levels.
  • Game Player: Play games and earn rewards with Cubs.
In all cases, users can monetize their activities by earning tokens ($RCADE and $LFG), see more on this in Tokenomics section.

Master User

Some players may not be Cub-owners, and others may own multiple Cubs. A player with multiple Cubs can lease one or more of them out to other players, in exchange for a share of the winnings.

Planet Owner

By owning a Planet, a user is able to:
  • Create a game for the planet using the Game Builder feature.
  • Publish the planet to Arcade Galaxy, and earn a share of the game entry fees.
  • Lease out their planet to other users to build games, and split profits for an agreed time period with the game builder.

Game Builder

The Game Builder tool allows users who have the skill and interest to create new games. Users who build games can either host them on their own planet (if they are a planet owner) or rent an owner’s planet and split the tokens earned from the games for an agreed period.

Game Player

The majority of users will simply participate in the games made available on the various planets of the Arcade Galaxy. In order to participate in a game, a user must own at least one Cub.


Users in Arcade Galaxy can take advantage of a variety of social features to connect with friends, rivals, or notable competitors within the community. Players will have the ability to message and/or link up before taking on the competition.