NFT: Planets are unique properties existing in the Arcade Galaxy metaverse.
Limited: There is a limited supply of planets at any given time.
Planets are the very essence of our universe. Planet owners have the power to share and cultivate content from across the community, facilitating growth and user-created experiences that make Arcade Galaxy that much more special. They can utilize their planet(s) in multiple ways to also generate earnings…
Custom-Designed Builder’s Tool Arcade Galaxy provides custom builder tools so that users may create and share levels in tournaments. Players can only publish custom game variants if they own a planet of respective gametype.
Planet Leasing Owners can also choose to lease their planet to players who wish to rent that space. AG would have a limited amount of planets for rent open to bid every month.
Planet Advertising Multiple lots are available across the map to publicize marketing assets that will be seen by players participating in tournaments. NFT, $RCADE, $LFG Airdrops The Arcade Galaxy Ecosystem will provide unique incentives with special airdrops of unique NFTs and Tokens. Planet owners and level designers would both be rewarded with tokens and NFT airdrops. Planet owners can provide rare cubs, equipment, cosmetics, and booster NFTs acquired from staking as extra incentives - offering unique gameplay opportunities and visuals for players.

Planet Types

Race Planet
Users can purchase Planets with AVAX. The initial drop of 2,000 ‘Race Planet’ NFTs will accompany the launch of the Arcade Galaxy. These planets specifically host a kart racing gameplay type.
Coming soon...

Planet Rarity

Each planet would have three attributes -
  • Terrain (10 variations)
    This would dictate the default terrain of your planet.
  • Cosmos Background (6 variations)
    This would dictate the general atmosphere of your planet.
  • Crystal (5 variations)
    This would affect your airdrop rate and else, stay tuned!