Dual Token
Arcade Galaxy is built around the two currencies $RCADE and $LFG.
$RCADE is an ARC-20 token with a 500,000,000 cap. It is our governance token and confers voting rights on the holder in proportion to the number of tokens held. $RCADE owners can choose to stake the token in different pools for different kinds of rewards, including $RCADE, $LFG, tickets, in-game NFTs, better chance on upgrading NFTs, etc., a longer staking period means better rewards. Players earn $RCADE by winning games, with the prize money shared between the winner, the planet owner, and the Arcade Galaxy platform.
$LFG is a ARC-20 token with a no cap and Arcade Galaxyโ€™s utility token. AG would manually adjust $LFG release rate based off of total supply in circulation. $LFG can be used for in-game transactions such as buying in-game items and staking. Players earn $LFG by playing games, and staking $RCADE.


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