Creator's Tool

Many beloved games, such as Counter-Strike and League of Legends, started as user-generated ‘mods’ (e.g. game modifications) of the original title. Custom map editors allow gaming enthusiasts to unleash their creativity and imagination for the benefit of the community long-term.
Arcade Galaxy seeks to continue this gaming tradition by introducing the very first GameFi Game Builder. It would not only make it possible for players to build custom levels, tracks, courses, or even mini-games to share with others, but also allow them to monetize their creations.

Publish & Monetize

Once the game is ready, it’s time to put it out for others to play! Creators have the option to monetize their creation by collecting a share of the entry fee. To encourage high-quality game design, Arcade Galaxy will promote and curate games that meet the standards of our official quarterly tournaments. These high-quality games will also enjoy profit sharing from the proceeds of the official tournaments as well.


Gamer builder experts can rent a planet for a given time period and share entry fees with the planet owner given for the duration. In order to protect the game builder’s interests, the planet owner will be unable to alter the game during the rental period.
Promote and advertise with in-game creations that support custom assets and engagement features. Display your brand and promotions alongside playable planets to gain the attention of the Arcade Galaxy community, with the ability to utilize ad space within individual courses. Get featured during regular matches or even tournaments as spectators line up for those thrilling competitions!

Revenue Model

As a planet owner, one can choose to monetize one’s creation by collecting entry fees, splitting the fees between oneself, the game creator (if applicable), and Arcade Galaxy (for maintaining the ecosystem).